Africa, our land of sun kissed dreams

Vibrant rich scents:warm bubbling streams

Corruption: an iron fist: scourge on the land

Shadows peeling off the trees

Gilt edged horizons hearing desperate pleas

The enviornment and wildlife is ours to hold

Ours to encompass and with compassion to enfold

When and how did it all go bad

Africa’s brooding secret: dark and sad

Africa’s bush warriors give their word

A growl of thunder in them stirred

Powerful: unsubdued by the burning dawn

Hurling bolts of lighting: piercing the morn

Training and resources to carry out their work

Sworn to stop this greed sweeping the earth

Chengeta Wildlife:  marches towards every place

Looks of wonder like light on their face

Our magnificent elephants, again free to roam

In this magical bush that we call home

Walking where before they feared to tread

By tracks whence the scourge has fled

We will all be at one with this sacred earth

Our heart song: soul dance: rebirth

Measuring our civilized behavior by the depth of our compassion

A land now blessed with riches and passion

3 thoughts on “A GROWL OF THUNDER

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I Am so proud of you and what you are doing I see your blog growing every week! Every week there are more people reading and listening to YOU! Well done I am your biggest fan x

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