Harmony in motion, these gentle beasts

Silhouetted against the dawn, rising in the east

The essence of nature

Magnificent in their stance

Majestic and magical with the power to enhance

Contented giants saluting the birth of a new day

Elephants, with their rich creamy tusks

A vital part

Of this untamed splendour in every way


The roar of a machine gun with a backdrop of thunder

Men drop from the sky to butcher and plunder

The matriarch trumpets wildly, face frozen with fear

Heart pounding, she leads her herd

Bolting for safety, eyesight blurred

Shots ring out, hitting her with meaty sounds

Down she goes, legs splayed and crashing to the ground

Panic and heartbeats, beasts on the run

Precious calves trampled, as they fall one by one


The pungent stench of death hangs heavy in the air

The matriarch’s heart is still pounding with fear

Tears trickle slowly reflecting the horror

A family’s nightmare of violence, pain and sorrow

Ripping flesh and pools of blood

Tears of the giants, lost in red mud

Ivory tusks, their personal treasure

Butchered from their faces for man’s pleasure

Unearthly screams slice through the morning breeze

Rivers of blood gush through the trees



Like grey ghosts in the night, the bereaved survivors return

Heads hanging and hearts heavy with grief

They sway and yearn

Carefully breaking off branches

They attempt to cover their dead

Tears of anguish rolling

Heavy in their tread

Small calves linger, waiting for their cue

The tragedy so bloodthirsty and awful to construe


What will become of our African land?

Stop this destruction from the human hand

A land with no elephants is a land with no soul

Share this awareness

Keep Africa whole

Wake up : Strike hard

Africa, could soon become an ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD



  1. Beautiful and sooooo sad!!! It makes me angry and more determined to do what I can to help this incredible animals!!!! Thankyou x

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