Grand Old Tusker


Dry leaves crackle: caressed by a soft mellow breeze

Tranquil afternoon melody whispers through the trees

Flaxen dust hangs like gossamer lace

Golden kiss of sunshine in this magical place

Gilt-edged clouds, lazy as they stretch across the sky

Silhoutte of a bateleur eagle and a piercing cry

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Dozing deep within the shadows of the wizened listening tree

A majestic old tusker: a picture of dignity

Fanning the sultry breeze with tattered old ears

The gnarled old trunk with deep fissures showing his years

The curve from eye to tusk is wide

Passion no longer pounding by his side

His large noble head hangs low to the ground

Silence shredding cicadas: a reverberating sound

Grey coat of wrinkles splattered with mud and powdered with sand

A myriad of footprints: his tribute to this sun burnt land

A galaxy of flies and liquid murmur of the river

A distant rumble of thunder sets his heart a quiver

Raising his powerful trunk : saluting the sky

A weary look in his rheumy old eye

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Moths with paper thin wings melt into the late afternoon light

Indigo hues deepen: a fish eagle takes flight

Bleeding sunset trapped behind blackened plum clouds

The old tusker, a smokey vision: grand and proud

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Midnight’s mantle romancing the storm

Unleashing anger before embracing the dawn

When the East is aglow with a burnished light

The grand old tusker ambles out of the night

Powerful silhouette: magnificent in his stance

The essence of nature with the power to enhance

Ancient memories to embrace as he moves towards the sun

A spiritual dance: a transformation: His new dream has begun

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5 thoughts on “Grand Old Tusker

  1. Beautiful, Jen you are a genius with your words – such descriptive poety and prose. Love your work. xxx

  2. Another magnificent poem Jen. Always stirs my emotions and so easy to picture your descriptions. Thank you.

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