Spider’s webs like fine lace sparkling with dew

Fresh breeze embracing the golden view

Fingers of sunshine lick the bronzed sand

Silence spreads it’s wings over this timeless land

Africa’s giants: powerful yet gentle

Conscious of their surroundings: sentient and sentimental

Shadows of greed hound them: destructive and tragic

Still, they bestow upon humans their trust: encompassing us in their magic

A crash of Rhinos: magnificent to see

Running wild and running free

Rhinos, prehistoric appearance: muscular form

Some would say, perfect unicorns: two or one horn

Rhinos, also the victims in these times of sorrow

Horns ripped from their faces: merciless horror

Elephants slaughtered in large numbers for their white gold

Rhinos, their horns, a cocktail for customs of old


Feel their hearts beating wildly: Burning from within

Don’t look away: share with kith and kin

An intricate part of life on this sacred earth

Blessings: abundance: rebirth

Measuring our civilized behaviour by the depth of our compassion

Flame of life, web of life, wildlife and passion

rhino image

elephant no one needs a tusk

2 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Moving…am in tears…nobody needs any horns or tusks except rhinos and elephants … your words are incredible …

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