Ghosting Giants

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Crisp evening caressed by a fading winter light

Chorus of evening seduces the starlit night

Earthy scents linger: sultry on the breeze

A night full of giants: ghosting through the trees

Midnight’s cloak spreads across the dark African bush

A whooshing of night wings breaks the eerie hush

Night’s mantle of darkness drifts and fades

Dawn explodes veined with glossy gold braid

A lone Malachite kingfisher hovers: iridescent in his reflection

A duplication of beauty: one of nature’s perfections

Fingers of sunlight stroke the listening tree

An insect, frantic in a spider’s silky web: no longer free

The valleys morning breath blows warm under the cerulean sky

A throaty grunt from a restless hippo: a piercing cry

Drowsiness hangs: dust heavy in the air

No footprints of elephants: trees close in all trembling with fear

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Grey ghosts of Africa marching to a random beat

Mirage of frolicking elephants: light on their feet

A heavy silence hangs motionless: hemmed in by the trees

Illusion or reality: haunting chimes on the breeze

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Consumers of ivory I scream in despair

Is anyone listening? Do any of you care

What will become of these ambassadors: gentle creatures of the land

Left bleeding and tusk less: blood on the sand

Why would you desire something so symbolic of suffering and death

Butchered for trinkets: I hold my breath

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China: you hold the power to end this destruction

Close your carving factories: Stop their ivory production


Let us all ensure that elephants continue to amble to the dance of life

ellie clip art

12 thoughts on “Ghosting Giants

  1. We should post your blogs and poems on groups that are prominently Chinese.

  2. So so beautiful we should be able too post thisbbeautiful poem all over the websites with your permission what a clever clever lady you are . I adore these majestic beasts and dearly hope they wont become ghosts in the nights. Thank you .

  3. Your works need to be opened to the world. Set them in a book for publishing Jen. I’m sure you will find a publisher to launch. An amazing poem….

  4. So beautiful! You have an amazing talent Jenny, as you paint awesome pictures with words! Thank you!

  5. The morning was so beautiful until I felt the emptiness, the unimaginable and devestating void of the elephants gone forever x

  6. This is fantastic. Thank you for the gift of this message and this beautiful poetry. I am working on a stage production of elephant puppets to educate and promote conservation. I would love toread more of your poetry because this one really inspired my art today!

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