Are You Listening?


Insects thrum to a wild African beat

Shimmering mirage and suffocating heat

Billowing clouds tumble across an angry sky

Forked lightening cleaves the heavy air….as thunder rolls on by

A moon full of beauty….spilling beams of aureate light

A gateway for  destruction….adding to the rhino’s plight

rhino silhouette scaled down

Are you listening? Do you hear the Rhino’s cry

Or are you a silent witness? I hold my breath….I sigh

rhino silhouette scaled down

A menacing heat swirling… evil shadowy haze

Whirlwinds of destruction….a testament to man’s evil ways

A myriad of rhino footprints left over 40 000 000 years

My heart beats wildly….pumping with fear

The cry of the rhino…..who out there cares?

Callously mutilated and left for dead

These magnificent animals with their horn cursed heads

rhino silhouette scaled down

Not on our watch…….I beg…I plead and I pray


Stand tall for rhinos today

rhino silhouette scaled down

Chengeta Wildlife is spearheaded by Rory Young who dedicates his

life to saving the wildlife by providing essential training and support

to the heroes on the front lines in the fight against poaching.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Out Of The Dark Shadows…A Small Nub Of Horn

spiderwebs pic

Organza spider webs bejeweled with fresh morning dew

First glow of daybreak enhanced by a deep golden hue

Our magical world breathes deeply….exhaling a warm sticky breeze

A tranquil chorus of bird song carries through the rich canopy of trees

Clouds as delicate as gossamer lace

Ghosting across the heavens and disappearing without a trace

A planet oozing with natural riches and miracles of life

Often spoiled by

Man’s ugly intervention…..turmoil and strife

A sun climbing high….golden light shining down

Shadows deepen……a furrowed frown

rhino silhouette scaled down

Muscular legs stiff….bloated belly high

Mutilated face and sad weeping eye

Frozen in time…..chest crushing heat

Heart no longer pounding to Africa’s random beat

Unquenchable greed stealing Africa’s whispers of life

Whirlwinds of destruction….and haunting sighsrhino silhouette

A gentle heart beats ….breaking the brooding quiet

Fearful eyes peering….a survivor of the gruesome night

Out of the deep shadows….a small nub of horn

A bewildered rhino calf stumbles….dehydrated, terrified and forlorn

Beautiful face caked red and a blank look in her eye

A head full of images…..mutilated mum bleeding


Left to die

rhino silhouette

We cannot sit by and watch as this tragedy continues to unfold

Thandi and Hope represent their kind….and their stories need to be told

‘Saving The Survivors’…..a shining light in their dark hours of need

Our duty as custodians is to share their stories…so that the world can take heed

rhino silhouette

I am sharing their stories through my poetry and I am raising funds for ‘Saving The Survivors’

with these two original ‘Kids Rhino Collection’…£15.00 each and £7.00 for prints plus packaging & postage.

Each picture and each print will come with a poem about rhinos. 100% profit will go to helping the survivors.

Let us do what we can to help save these survivors.

Brighten up kids bedrooms with these ‘Rhino Collection’ pics.

rhino for post 5


rhino for post 4

Take a look at our website

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We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.