Joy of birth


Joy of Birth

The breath of summer blows sweet and warm

Unblemished optimism in the early morn

Joyful anticipation quivers through the trees

Raucous trumpeting carries on the breeze

The pregnant cow, hanging low

Energies of new life, through her flow

Shoulder to shoulder, the cows push and tussle

An impenetrable wall of tusks and muscle


The excitement visible, as temporal glands flow

Nature stages life’s most miraculous show

Hazy sunshine smiles from up high

Embracing the birth of a calf under a cerulean sky

Cows trumpet their elation, greeting the new arrival

A close-knit sisterhood, ensuring the calf’s survival

They move in a circle, tossing grass and dust in the air

Keeping scavengers at bay: warding them off with no fear


Within the hour of birth and coaxed to its feet

Dead lines and pressures it has to meet

The little new calf’s acceptance: absolute

It raises its trunk: a small salute

It totters around, no mean feat

Latching happily onto one of mum’s teats

Showing love and support: a lifetime’s vow

An intimate circle of females, baby and cow


The rest of the herd keep their distance

Close enough to be of assistance

Their turn to meet the youngster will come

They too will celebrate the new calf and mum


6 thoughts on “Joy of birth

  1. Jenny I love your site and your poetry. You are truly talented. Fond love Coll

    • Hi col. So pleased you been on my site. Thank you for your comments and please comtinue to pop you know these animals need all the support they can get. Hope you viewed old tusker on you tube..and my other poems too. X

  2. I loved this poem and also doing the post about the family ties. These animals are such caring and compassionate animals. They need to be left in peace

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