Miracle Of New Life

Miracle Of New Life


African half moon hangs motionless, sultry and warm

Wishing on distant stars fading into dawn

Gilt edged clouds and sun kissed sky

Wizened limbs of the baobab tree reaching up high

The sweet breath of morning carries on the breeze

Africa’s early morning songsters chorus from the trees

Magnificent Matriarch with a soft weary tread

A coat full of of creases and a large noble head

Pregnant belly hanging heavy and low

Miracle of new life and an internal glow

Agitated and excited the elephant cows push and tussle

An impenetrable wall of creamy tusks and muscle

Vibrant rich scents: Nature’s most miraculous show

The Matriarch bears down: her temporal glands flow

Fold upon fold of wisdom : strong like the ancient baobab tree

With one last push and the new born elephant falls free

The cows celebrate to a throbbing drum roll

The essence of Africa: Africa’s soul

Whispers of a smile: rumbles embrace the new arrival

A close knit sisterhood: a symphony of survival

Weaving their magic: a life time’s vow

Flame of abundance from the Matriarch: majestic cow

 Wobbly newborn embraced: large muscular trunks she does meet

Wearing her small coat of wrinkles and large padded feet

A tear forms: a perfect drop of dew

So clear and iridescent: the Matriarch’s love shines through

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9 thoughts on “Miracle Of New Life

  1. My appreciation for this soulfully beautiful poem cannot match the praise that i am feeling but cannot express …

  2. Dear Jenny, I came across your website via a posting on my FB page with the poem, “The Elephant Prayer”. I was deeply moved by this and other poems you have written along with the overall purpose and content of your website.

    I write simply to ask your permission to add you and your website to my “Artists, Authors & Advocates” category on my animal website. Free of course, but, I think that although my ‘main function’ is to provide free fund raising programs for animal organizations around the world, I made it t be multifunctional. I wanted entertaining and educational value to it as well and to that end I solicit materials from those such as you, with obviously a heart and passion as big as Africa itself and your devotion to elephants and wildlife therein.

    After 3.5 years of work, Jenny, I will be formally launching in the new year and perhaps offer financial support to these front line hero’s and angels that do what I can no longer do. Sharing the work and passion of others will provide expanded knowledge about animal causes and issues that as time passes, more and more people will stumble across on my website….and hopefully then, become more involved, better informed and if entertained along the way, will be more supportive of them in time and money.

    So, I provide the link to my website above and my FB page below for your review. And, no matter your response, I will continue to ‘share’ any postings from you to my social media outlets. I have quite a few postings already on my website about elephants and rhinos as I abhor what is happening to them and wish to do anything that I can to be ‘part of the solution and not part of the problem.’

    Thank you for all you do, Jenny. I can feel the passion and emotion you have in your words. As a ‘amateur writer’ of prose and poetry myself, I can usually feel the depth of words and the power they have. People like you, Jenny, make a difference. Never fast enough I know…but, sometimes the ripples from a pebble take a little time to reach all the shores.

    Michael Vincent, Founder
    Fur Heaven’s Sake.org

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