Kissed By The Mellow Sun

Dedicated to the magnificent African Elephants

Please sign the petition to stop Zimbabwe

from exporting more baby elephants to China

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A horizon stitched in a delicate gold thread

Large drops of sunshine flaunting a deep orange red

The drum roll of Africa pulsating in each elephant’s heart beat

Large leathery rumps basking…..relaxed in the sultry heat

Whispering leaves harmonise…celebrating summer’s gentle breeze

Embracing mud caked elephant calves frolicking with ease

The electric sky stretches high above this sun burnt


Elephants parading the African skyline….massive and grand

Creamy scythe like tusks…trunks so versatile and tender

Lumbering past…cloaked in wrinkled robes of splendour

Mile upon mile of dusty golden tales they weave

Keeping vigil over silent bones…they sorrow and they grieve

Loxodonta Africana…..proud of their god given treasures

Kissed by the mellow sun…rejoicing in life’s pleasures

A shimmering mirage as they amble in the hot midday heat

A colliding of giants where elephants and continent meet

Invisible whistling winds…graceful with nature’s song

Caressing this

Timeless land where these magnificent giants belong

Africa’s elephants full of rhythm….a vital life source

Majestic and noble….a powerful magnetic force

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Elephants boxed and crated…exported into servitude……Forced to be become compliant

An ultimate betrayal of these enigmatic giants

Africa without elephants….evaporated memories thrown to the

dry wind

Giants robbed of an existence….by those who have sinned

As custodians of this earth….we hold their destiny in the palms

of our hands

Ghostly shadows of giants haunting an arid African land

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Rangers risk their lives

Let’s give them the skills and knowledge to win


9 thoughts on “Kissed By The Mellow Sun

  1. This is the most incredible poem I have ever read to describe the African elephant. The chills I have will never leave my soul, nor will the battle of tears burning at my eyes. Bless you poet laureate for the work of art you have bestowed upon us, the wildlife conservation activists, the African elephant, Africa, and humanity itself…

  2. It is very cruel to part these baby elephants from their mothers, no more elephants must leave this country

  3. Beautiful poem dedicated to the African Elie. Jen once again well done xxx

  4. Jenny you always say the right words! These baby’s should never be taken from their mothers. Sad but beautifully descriptive poetry.

  5. Trade in wildlife needs to have a worldwide ban. You brilliant poetry will help to unite and motivate people to demand an end….

  6. Brilliant!!!! I love it….we are custodians of our earth…more people need to take notice of the destruction!!!! Thankyou for all you do!! Xxx

  7. A beautifully writtem poem again Jen. Lets us all pray that no more ellies are exported to China – ever !!

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