Magical African Bush


Dedicated to the sun burnt bush of Africa…and the rich wildlife that leave their prints on the sand.


Empty of all things human…balanced and raw

Africa’s Sun burnt land….

Trees swaying to timeless rhythms….

Robed in rich russet colours…and ever so grand

Woodlands, the lungs of the planet…reaching way up high

Caressed by the warmth and seduced by the cerulean sky

Africa’s bush…embraced with sun kissed dreams

Raging rivers and warm bubbling streams

Vibrant rich scents….evenings drenched in aureate light

Daylight fading…..silhouetted delights


A hum of mosquitoes……midges take flight

Radiant stars twinkle…bright promises of the night

No Poachers moon to bleed on well trodden trails

Survival of the fittest….natures ‘Universal Veil’

The hoarse cough of a leopard…eerie on the breeze

Baboons clamber higher…clinging to the trees

Slipping through midnight’s mantle…the hands of time continue to flow

Evolution’s rich dawn…soon on earth will bestow


A horizon stitched with golden braid

Daybreak’s songsters…a melodious parade

Dewy mist hangs like gossamer lace

Warmth spreading like sunshine in this magical place


Magnificent rhino…peaceful in their stance

The majestic elephant…with the power to enhance

The tawny pelt of Africa undulates in the breeze

Nature’s wind chimes whistle through the canopy of trees

Herds of buffaloes on the move…a formidable sight

Prison garbed zebra….poised for flight

Lolloping giraffes…stately and tall

Hard working dung beetle….rolling its dung ball

Africa’s undertakers circling the limitless sky

A fish eagle serenades with a mournful cry

Cackling hyenas… their menacing stare

Panic and heartbeats…golden dust swirls in the air


All nature’s miracles…their footprints marking the sand

Embrace this natural world….let us all take a stand

Peace spreading her tender wings…life giving rain

Cleansing Africa’s corruption…Easing Africa’s pain


Let us all ‘Chengeta Wildlife’…and make sure they do not disappear

7 thoughts on “Magical African Bush

  1. Jen…This must be one of your best poems to date….brilliant. What a pity the rain is not able to cleanse Africa’s corruption!!!!

  2. The most moving beautiful poem….I loved it!!!! And I love u and am proud of you every day!!!!!

  3. Jen , so moving and felt I was sitting right in the middle of the African Bush.

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