‘Why Us’?….The Matriarch Asks

‘Why Us’? The Matriarch Asks

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‘Why Us’?  The Matriarch asks….a sorrowful look in her wise old


‘Is a tusk cursed head a good enough reason for elephants to die’?

My heart is pounding…..stretching tight

I hang my head in shame at the elephants plight

behind every carved piece of ivory, there is a story. A bloody barbaric story

Harmony in motion….these ancient and soulful beasts

Silhouetted against the golden dawn rising in the east

Tears trickle slowly reflecting their horror

Their nightmare of violence, pain and sorrow

Ripping flesh and pools of blood

Life force of Africa’s giants….lost in rivers of red mud

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The old Matriarch turns to amble away

Noble head hanging low….she weeps and sways

‘Why Us’? I hear her ask again

My shoulders feel heavy as I carry their pain

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Lumbering on….cloaked in deep wrinkles of splendour

A deep longing for peace in me she does engender

The old Matriarch turns…..I hear her raw sigh

‘Why Us’?…….she stares me straight in the eye

‘Are our creamy scythe like tusks a good enough reason to die’?

The golden sun hides behind the cloud wrapped sky

Riding the invisible wind…..a lonely sun beam cleaves the air

For these ancient beings…..my chest constricts with fear

Matriarch’s vulnerable soul exposed and open to the warm and sticky breeze

Her deep fissured trunk like a pendulum….showing her unease

These sentient creatures fanning their Africa shaped ears

Sharing their wisdom over many many years

A rich symphony of life….beguiled  by the noonday heat

A colliding of two giants where continent and elephant meet

Young calves caper under the wide electric sky

Flaxen dust hangs motionless as the tears escape from my eyes

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As the bleeding sunset casts out the remainder of the day

I beg of you….feel the elephants pain….do not walk away

Consumers of ivory….on you their survival depends

STOP buying ‘BLOOD IVORY’ and this mass slaughter will end

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The Wildlife and Rangers need our assistance:

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Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife. We give them the skills and knowledge need to win


The Gift Of Life

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‘The Gift Of Life’

Rugged bush softened by an aureate glow

Secrets beguiled by golden ripples murmuring as they flow

Radiant star lit heavens veiled in a silvery light

Gossamer clouds like a whisper….eerie in their flight

Trees robed in leafy splendour…reaching for the moon

The Sun burnt land pulsates gently as flirting insects croon

Yipping jackals with yellow darting eyes

Cackling hyenas and the night jar’s mournful cry

Whining mosquitoes….ferocious in their blood lust

Flighty wildebeest kicking up the golden dust

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The night air trembles as tawny lions vent with a deep throated roar

Stately giraffe loping…..elegant and tall

Strutting warthogs….tails quivering up high

Liquid brown eyes of the kudu…..so endearing and shy

Chittering vervet monkeys ……barking and aggressive baboons

Sultry breath of Africa embracing these warm tunes

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Gilt-edged sunrise blown in on a warm seductive breeze

Bewitching in its beauty as it splashes through the trees

Pods of hippo hug the shallows….salutations fill the morning air

Bulrushes bowed down…swaying….as if in silent prayer

Cocky, snorting rhino…..majestic in their stance

Elephants…the soul of Africa….hold the power to enhance

Africa’s undertakers sailing way up high

A  trail of blood red…fragmented reflections across the azure sky

A symphony of life beating to a rhythmic African drum

Sweet smelling buffalo dung steaming in the morning sun

Angry charcoal clouds smolder…. igniting the dark sky

Unleashing stinging needle like rain with a thunderous cry

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All nature’s miracles……she has shared these gifts with us for free

Powerful flowing rivers, magnificent wildlife and life giving trees

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White horses caressing the powerful breakers…..salty in their embrace

The ocean’s endless movement veiled in turquoise lace

Rich marine life caught in nets and waves of plastic

The incoming waters churning..filthy and drastic

Human greed and corruption….a bloody trail…this poaching war

Rampant destruction of habitat and wildlife….we cannot ignore

These irreplaceable riches….we all have a stake

The destiny of our world…..us

Humans have the power to preserve or to break

On this sun burnt continent….for peace we must pray

Our duty as custodians…to ensure a brand new day

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Chengeta Wildlife provides essential training and support to the heroes

on the front lines in the fight against poaching

Salute Brave Rangers Salute

Mali’s elephants, one of just two remaining desert herds in the world, will be gone in three years unless something is done to halt the rampant poaching. The last aerial census in 2007 showed 350 animals.

Rory Young, through Chengeta Wildlife is providing  an essential training and support to these heroes on the front line in the fight against poaching.

Salute Brave Rangers Salute 

Dedicated to these brave heroes fighting the scourge of poaching….and my thoughts are with

the families who have lost their loved ones on the front line.


Castellated mosques….towers stretching way up high

Tuaregs and their camel caravans…a mirage across the sky

A fiery sunset melting….searing the golden thread

Desert elephants fearful….as in silence they tread

On an epic quest for food and water….footprints of survival

Deeply  grooved trunks raised in silence…praying for dawn’s arrival

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The merciless drone of mosquitoes ….thick on the sultry breeze

Powerful colliding of two rivers….undulating with ease

Moonlight vanishes in the deep velvet of night

A haunting whoosh of night wings….eerie in the quiet

The eastern sky rises on a drop with a golden glow

Pirogues ply the channels….gallant against the flow

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The hissing heat of midday’s sun

Scorched desert sands of time shimmer as if one

Brave elephant warriors…..With steady hands and covered heads held high

The brutality of poaching…..no time for goodbyes

Brave men…..their hearts of courage to never pound again

Torn fields of the poaching war….too great the human stain


Iridescent tears…..

A family broken in two

Coats of sadness….heavy on their shoulders….their worlds a darker hue

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Unite world unite….a force shining bright

A powerful energy behind these brave men….

These warriors of light


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Chengeta Wildlife provides effective and relevant anti-poaching training to wildlife protection units all over Africa

A Horizon Full Of Elephants…Some Thirty Miles Long

The tusks of

7 600 elephants will be burnt in Kenya on 30.04.16.  This poem is dedicated to

those elephants callously slaughtered.

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Out of the twilight they march to a African beat

Free swinging trunks and large padded feet

Cobwebs float like gossamer lace

African sunrise….a fiery promise in this magical place

Full of mystery they amble….romancing the sun

A horizon full of elephants….some thirty miles long

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A dusting of Africa freckling their majestic heads

A powerful belonging in each well worn tread

Kilimanjaro rises….peaking above the celestial clouds

Caressed by the heavens….it stands colossal and proud

The African bush shrouded in russet clothes

The mighty continent grumbling beneath their toes

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Creamy tusks glow….a life spark lit from within

A resounding boom……a deathly din

Invisible winds blow…..a dry warm breath

Elephants swaying to the ‘Dance of Death’


The flame of life extinguished by the human hand


Elephants lie bleeding into the warm African sand

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30th April, 2016….black smoke billows high

Thousands of blood stained tusks…..an elephant pyre

Choking flames engulf….blocking out the sky

Decades of destruction…..


Magnificent tusks…never ours to keep

A final salute to these giants…..as the angels weep

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A haunting lullaby carries on the early morning breeze

Twilight lingers….restless in the trees

Gilt edge clouds drift above the rising sun

A horizon full of ghosts marching……some thirty miles long

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Drenched In Moonlight….

The African bush in sunsets golden hue…..a magical place full of different species of

animals, bird life and insects.

Elephants help maintain forest and savanna ecosystems for other species, and are integrally tied to rich biodiversity.


Beyond the edge of the sunsets golden hue

Dusty evening hangs motionless….nightfall soon due

Crickets thrum to an African beat

An endless sky of stars twinkle….as night time they greet


Africa’s bush drenched in ethereal moon light

The hoarse cough of a leopard…..a night jar takes flight

Rich heady scents linger….beguiled by the silvery moon

A throaty roar of a lion….a deep reverberating boom

The mighty baobab….ghostly in its stance

Mystical and Ancient….holds the power to enhance

The liquid murmur of a river….a tumultuous flow

Moon beams float gently…casting an eerie glow


As moonlight slumbers….a thousand watchful eyes

A gilt edged dawn as darkness dies

Blades of grass adorned with tears of morning dew

Clear and iridescent….the sun light peeks through

Birds stretching their wings…soaring the invisible breeze

Nature’s melodies in the leaves rustling through the trees

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Faithful Askaris flank his creased and weathered old sides

Youthful and strong….majestic in their strides

Thick powerful trunks swaying…back and forth with ease

Flaunting their strength….large ears fanning the breeze

Creamy scythe like tusks bejewel their proud and noble heads

Pondering the rhythm of life with each silent tread

Drawn into deep shadows…softened by a golden gauzy haze

Wrapped in cloaks of solace….they embrace the mellow day

Caressing bones and sharing sorrow where elephants have once bled

Their existence hanging in the balance….A fragile life thread

Man….a well groomed predator setting a destructive pace

Devouring nature’s riches from this magical place


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We strengthen those who protect wildlife and promote harmony between

man and nature through a philosophy of respect….

El Nino


The photos of animals suffering are heartbreaking.

Find information on your nearest drop-off site, grass-handling and other ways to help here!

Hope Grass Project


El Nino

 Blinding sunshine searing across the azure sky

Hollow cackle of the hyena….a chilling war cry

Scavengers on the prowl…a menacing gleam in their eye

Blistered leaves stolen…tossed way up high

Scorched wasteland and parched streams

Pall of thick dust and sun burnt dreams


As the fiery sun dips…..steamy and slow

Glistening stars hang breathless…..a warm coppery glow

Midnight’s mantle choking….gasping for breath

The  crypt quiet of ‘El Nino’…..a grim reaper of death

Elephant Graveyard

Dawn explodes like flames….scorching the morning sand

Silent shadows creep…. suffocating the damned

Lifeless animals….heads hanging low

Thick dry tongues lolling….heartbeats slow

Melancholy call of early morning whispers through the trees

Hope with the new dawn carries on the breeze

Disrobed trees stripped bare in the sizzling heat

A blistering horizon where sun and earth meet


Listen in on their melting world….hear their cries

As Africa’s undertakers circle air pockets….flying up high

Clear blue skies….a silent witness to ‘El Nino’s destruction


For the starving victims…..death is painful and slow

Skeletal animals….weeping over the parched and cracked earth

Praying for rain…..a cleansing rebirth


The Nightmare of El Nino


For those who can help offer any help, please take a look at the link below.

Agri SA

‘Africa’….A Young Elephant Taken Too Soon

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I know that I am sitting too far away from home and by distance alone I am removed from the ugly realities of poaching taking place on the ground.  However my heart breaks each and every time I hear of another poaching  incident and  this is my way of trying to raise awareness of the plight of African Elephants to make up for my absence on the ground.

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Soul of ‘Africa’…an elephant taken too soon

His mother’s life cruelly stolen…….wheeling vultures circling way up high

A foul and oppressive presence….under the lonely electric sky

A wretched place of solitude….his small elephant heart pounding….stretching tight

Terror his only companion…feeding off his horrific plight

Brooding trees….silent witnesses….heavy in their despair

Russet dust hangs motionless….breathless panic fills the air

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Gentle hands reassuring….holding his broken elephant heart

An aura of calm and peace… desperate to replace the fear tearing him apart

The quiet of the evening sunset slips gently into a sultry night

A myriad of twinkling stars…beacons of hope shining bright

Small wrinkled trunk unfurling….courage in his stance

With each precious footprint…fighting for his second chance

Moyo and Matabele….elephant hearts opened wide

Embracing little ‘Africa’…compassion on their side

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A gentle and fading heartbeat…surrounded by warmth and love

Touched by the hush of death and taken from above

The golden thread of life fragile…’Africa’ now flying on the back of the wind

Another victim of the evils of poaching….a deadly sin

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Roxy and all her team at Wild Is Life 

My loving thoughts are with you all… my heart pounds with Zimbabwean pride

As you bestow a second chance of life… to these precious animals by your side

You are

A gentle whispering wind and the peace of harmony it sings

One of the earth’s finest custodians for the life and hope you bring.

Thank you.

Kissed By The Mellow Sun

Dedicated to the magnificent African Elephants

Please sign the petition to stop Zimbabwe

from exporting more baby elephants to China

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A horizon stitched in a delicate gold thread

Large drops of sunshine flaunting a deep orange red

The drum roll of Africa pulsating in each elephant’s heart beat

Large leathery rumps basking…..relaxed in the sultry heat

Whispering leaves harmonise…celebrating summer’s gentle breeze

Embracing mud caked elephant calves frolicking with ease

The electric sky stretches high above this sun burnt


Elephants parading the African skyline….massive and grand

Creamy scythe like tusks…trunks so versatile and tender

Lumbering past…cloaked in wrinkled robes of splendour

Mile upon mile of dusty golden tales they weave

Keeping vigil over silent bones…they sorrow and they grieve

Loxodonta Africana…..proud of their god given treasures

Kissed by the mellow sun…rejoicing in life’s pleasures

A shimmering mirage as they amble in the hot midday heat

A colliding of giants where elephants and continent meet

Invisible whistling winds…graceful with nature’s song

Caressing this

Timeless land where these magnificent giants belong

Africa’s elephants full of rhythm….a vital life source

Majestic and noble….a powerful magnetic force

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Elephants boxed and crated…exported into servitude……Forced to be become compliant

An ultimate betrayal of these enigmatic giants

Africa without elephants….evaporated memories thrown to the

dry wind

Giants robbed of an existence….by those who have sinned

As custodians of this earth….we hold their destiny in the palms

of our hands

Ghostly shadows of giants haunting an arid African land

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Rangers risk their lives

Let’s give them the skills and knowledge to win


A New Dawn Flaunts A Rich Golden Hue

My poem is

dedicated to wildlife guardians worldwide. We salute each and every one of


I am so proud to be a part of Chengeta Wildlife.

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

‘We bag poachers

before they bag elephants’

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Standing so tall….knotted arms reaching to the sky

Leafy canopy stargazing ….swaying to a gentle lullaby

A limitless twinkling heaven for as far as the eye can see

A wondrous spectacle…a cosmic mystery

A timid midnight moon shimmers from behind a gossamer cloud

The ghostly call of a night jar….hauntingly loud

The magic of darkness…midnight’s warmth by her side gently flows

Moonbeams caressing deep shadows with an opulent glow

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Crystals of change …..sparkling anew

As the 2016 dawn flaunts a rich golden hue

Out of the morning shadows they lollop…long necks stretched up high

Rejoicing their freedom under the African sky

Yellow billed horn-bills gliding…..Nature’s call of perfection

An iridescent malachite kingfisher beguiled by his own reflection

Gigantic ‘water horse’…sentinel of the fast flowing rivers

Yellow eyed lions….their tawny manes aquiver

Stealthy sleek leopard…yellow rosettes gleaming with pride

Flight of the fish eagle…handsome wings spread wide

Prison garbed zebra….and battle scarred buff

Menacing crocodiles ….ruthless and tough

Towering giants…graceful ears fanned wide

Muscular rhinoceros….rippling with pride

Water-buck and kudu…stately in their stance

The sun burnt African bush holds the power to enhance

Magical wildlife ……ours to cherish and protect

Leaving footprints….of compassion and respect

Organza spiderwebs spun with sun glazed thread

Peace on all wildlife guardians as in silence they tread

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 2015…a year full of horror, happiness and tears

A year full of courage, hope and fears

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2016’s earthy breeze swirls….a heart beat of elation

Safe blessings on all wildlife….

We hold their future in our hands…we are their salvation.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Rangers Risk Their Lives

Let’s give them the skills

and knowledge need to win


Unwavering support for the animals battling thirst and hunger in the current drought in Southern


Elephant Graveyard

Deep throated roar of a lion….his anger fills the night

Africa’s half moon sharing a sliver of ethereal light

Stars hanging like twinkling sentinels…..keepers of the sky

The high pitched cackle of the hyenas….a chilling war cry

Midnight’s mantle cloaked in a suffocating hot breath

The vast emptyness of the drought…a reaper of death

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Dawn explodes like flames of this harsh and timeless land

A myriad of footprints marking the sun burnt sand

Drowsiness lingers….thick dust hangs…..heavy in the air

Blinding sun beating down….an agonizing glare

Hardened dry earth…..parched muddy streams

Shimmering mirages and silent screams

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Full of weighty concerns…they amble into the deep morning heat

Coats of wrinkles hanging….an air of hungry defeat

Fear deep inside her great pulsating heart

The dry barren wasteland soon to tear her family apart

Ancient memories stir deep within her mind

Her spirit growing restless….for water to find

Lifting her powerful trunk….in silent prayer

Fatigued…out of breath….life threatening despair

A painful barefoot shuffle over the tormented African land

Cracked dry earth and blazing hot sand


Parched and brittle leaves stolen …tossed way up high

Chasing imaginary clouds across the limitless blue sky

Animals…. listless…their heads hanging low

Stumbling through the scorching breath of drought….painful and slow

Prowling scavengers….a menacing gleam in the eye

Africa’s undertakers circling way up high

Afternoon shadows deepen…..sticky and stark

Silence shredding cicadas….a zebra’s warning bark


Beyond the edge of the sunset’s golden hue

Plumb coloured clouds hustle….long overdue

A flash of lightening burning across the darkening sky

A deep growl of thunder…..an angry and passionate cry

Trees bow down as whipping winds rage

Sweet smell of life giving rain ….On Nature’s grand stage

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

We have an acceptance of death when Mother Nature deals out the pain.


An unacceptable act of  violence, corruption and greed

For  ill gotten gains