Set Nosey Free


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Nosey’s large heart pumps with an African beat

Torn from Zimbabwe, her home….after culling deadlines to meet

Boxed and crated…..trembling with fear

Shipped to a foreign country….losing all she holds dear

Thirty solitary years has passed her by

Iridescent tears cloud a sorrowful look in her eye

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The sweet scent of the African bush wafts through her mind

Echoes of memories past…of elephants….her kind

Twilight’s full of crickets and warm mellow African breeze

Where thick canopies adorn the sun kissed trees

Being gently caressed by a mother’s strong love

A night full of stars beaming down from above

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Those gentle rumbles….Nosey yearns to hear

Not the brassy circus sounds…grating on her Africa shaped ears

Sadness and pain behind her wrinkled visage

Betrayed by humans and their quest to pillage

Nosey aches for kindness and a freedom to roam


Confined to a trailer…..her prison….her home


Forced to carry humans and to endure crippling pain

A lifetime of servitude for man’s monetary gain

Her world empty of elephants…..her mind soaring away

Her heart pounding with fear as back and forth she sways

Legs scarred by decades of wearing heavy chains

Captive and lonely in a world gone insane

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I dream of Nosey in a sanctuary with sunshine from above

Comforted by elephant rumbles….surrounded by love

PEOPLE…..please sign the petitions and let’s set Nosey free

In sheer numbers we hold the power…..we hold the key

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Retire Nosey the elephant from the circus industry

We DEMAND that Secretary Thomas Vilsack of the USDA CONFISCATE Nosey the Elephant AND RELEASE her to a True Sanctuary.


Please share this petition link with your family and friends….every signature counts and Nosey needs our

help to set her free

Sign for Nosey has a face book page. Take a look and join the event

New Jersey is Taking Steps to Ban Elephants in Traveling Acts – Nosey’s Law

(Nosey is a 46 year old African elephant that continues to be forced to travel the country to fairs and other events to perform and give rides to those that attend those events. She is forced to work even though she has crippling arthritis and degenerative joint disease and, according to reports, has been denied veterinary care. Despite Nosey’s suffering, her owners continue to make her work.)


16 thoughts on “Set Nosey Free

  1. Thank you, Jen, for your beautiful words on behalf of Nosey. We will, all of us together, see her free once more.

  2. It’s time to release Nosey to an elephant sanctuary. A lifetime of servitude and slavery, she is rewarded with nothing but suffering and loneliness! Her owners have over 200 animal welfare violations, yet Nosey remains their prisoner. The time has come to end her suffering & do the right thing… set her free !

  3. This is outrageous abused that it’s gone on this long and then USDA has allowed it to continue please help nosey the elephant be free of abusers in hostile situation she lives in and is forced to entertain when it’s a not a natural process for an elephant so she has to be tortured to do this it’s all about the money folks nothing about the safety and health of this poor elephant

  4. Please release nosey to a safe and caring sanctuary … she has endured too much pain suffering and isolation losing her freedom home and most of all,her family love and security no living being should endure what she has and she now deserves nothing less than to be released from this living hell and given the opportunity to feel the ground beneath her feet free of chains , to be able to walk freely,and be an elephant ….. simple really please listen ???????

  5. Poor Nosey. So very sad for him and all elephants. He needs to go back to his birthplace and live out the rest of his life in the way all elephants have a right to live.

  6. Wow. .. so sad. Your poem is incredibly moving – signed and shared. You srecsn amazing lady and I am so proud of you xxx

  7. Stop the torture release Nosey , enough is enough! He needs to be free , sent him to sanctuary!!

  8. Beautiful Jen ! I hope Nosey will be released soon and free from the miserable life he is living now!!

  9. She’s lost her childhood, her freedom, her family. What else can he take from her. Good God, free her and send her to a sanctuary!

  10. I love you Nosey, we are trying so hard to help you. We are doing the best that we can. I am sorry that some people will not support our mission to save you. We will push through no matter what, because we are committed to you sweet girl. Until we see you free, we will not rest. SAVE NOSEY NOW.

  11. Nosey needs our help in all 50 states. Just banning animal circuses in one state won’t do the trick. It has to be across the USA. Nosey, chained, beaten, starved, made to take people on rides, trained in a crush cage…………………my heart aches. Please sign the White House Petition and be sure to confirm your signature.

  12. What does it take for you selfish people to let this poor animal retire??
    Can’t you see the pain and suffering she’s going through?
    You are very greedy and completely clueless as to the suffering she’s going through. Please release her IMMEDIATELY ?

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