A Horizon Full Of Elephants…Some Thirty Miles Long

The tusks of

7 600 elephants will be burnt in Kenya on 30.04.16.  This poem is dedicated to

those elephants callously slaughtered.

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Out of the twilight they march to a African beat

Free swinging trunks and large padded feet

Cobwebs float like gossamer lace

African sunrise….a fiery promise in this magical place

Full of mystery they amble….romancing the sun

A horizon full of elephants….some thirty miles long

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A dusting of Africa freckling their majestic heads

A powerful belonging in each well worn tread

Kilimanjaro rises….peaking above the celestial clouds

Caressed by the heavens….it stands colossal and proud

The African bush shrouded in russet clothes

The mighty continent grumbling beneath their toes

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Creamy tusks glow….a life spark lit from within

A resounding boom……a deathly din

Invisible winds blow…..a dry warm breath

Elephants swaying to the ‘Dance of Death’


The flame of life extinguished by the human hand


Elephants lie bleeding into the warm African sand

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30th April, 2016….black smoke billows high

Thousands of blood stained tusks…..an elephant pyre

Choking flames engulf….blocking out the sky

Decades of destruction…..


Magnificent tusks…never ours to keep

A final salute to these giants…..as the angels weep

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A haunting lullaby carries on the early morning breeze

Twilight lingers….restless in the trees

Gilt edge clouds drift above the rising sun

A horizon full of ghosts marching……some thirty miles long

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10 thoughts on “A Horizon Full Of Elephants…Some Thirty Miles Long

  1. Absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful! Thank you Jenny! You write such fantastic poems – I love reading them. All so very poignant!

  2. A beautiful poem on such a sad day. Condolences to all our Elephant lovers, who try to stop these murders happening.

  3. Heart rending but a beautiful tribute, Jenny.
    We will stop this insanity come Hell or high water !

  4. rorry you r doing good job that even goverment can not manage continue thanks.

  5. Again you have managed to capture the moment beautifully. Thank you to the people who are trying to stop this carnage. xx

  6. A great and moving poem Jen. It is good the ivory is being burnt but so sad realising how many elephants were slaughtered to get those piles! Please make it stop!

  7. Beautiful tribute to these majestic animals who were killed through mans greed! Love reading your poems . Keep up the good work Jen x

  8. The mind boggles at an image of elephants trunk to tail for thirty miles…….and then you realise how revolting it is to see the remains of them piled up to burn.
    You poem really hits hard in the stomach, sad but very pertinent on this day of the burning….

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