Two tonnes of magnificence…..with her cruelly disfigured head

Yet…Hope was

Harmony in motion with each mighty tread

Her fight for life tireless…..her warrior spirit strong

Her wild rhino heart beating to a rhythmic African song

hope with bandagae

Out of the deep shadows and into the moonlight

Hope lies down gently….no longer able to fight

Her heart beat slowing….no longer a powerful thrum

Leaves flutter sadly….her journey on this earth done

On a gilt edged cloud she drifts….catching the sultry breeze

The silence of eternity her companion…..her soul floating away with ease

Leaning into the warm wind…..now a bright heavenly star

A beacon of hope for her kind…..shining down from afar

hope with bandagae

The gentle hush of evening carries our heartache and pain

Never let go of ‘hope’….the wind whispers her name

Fireflies will ghost….. like murmurs of the night

Fueling our courage to stand up for rhinos…and to fight the good fight

hope with bandagae

RIP Hope

‘May her great courage bring hope into our hearts….

Now and forever’

Desert Pilgrims

Chengeta Wildlife sharing the knowledge, skills and abilities to enable anti-poaching

units to maintain and perfect competencies after the trainers have departed.

Helping to ensure that Mali’s desert elephants survive.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Fold upon fold of wisdom……undulating gently from side to side

As graceful as dancers…….majestic in their stride

Full of unwavering honesty they saunter….strong and proud

Throwing up flaxen dust……a glorious gossamer cloud

Frisky calves caper….secure in the herds love

 Surrounded by warmth and bright sunshine spilling from above

Deep rumbles roll with a thunderous applause

Echos of harmony….as one they pause

Embracing the breeze gently….large ears fanned out wide

Soft sensitive trunks like pendulums… swinging from side to side

Large noble heads…curve of spine strong

Large hearts beating to an African song

These gigantic pilgrims trek like desert ships in the night

Hot fresh piles of dung steaming in the moonlight

Rich creamy scythe like tusks more valuable than gold

The elephants cross to bear from times of old

The drum roll of Africa rippling through the desert sands

The wild aching solitude in this unforgiving land

Dusty shadows slipping under large padded feet

Organized crime and shimmering heat

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Survival of this desert herd…..Chengeta Wildlife’s ultimate goal

Saving Mali’s elephants…..as poaching takes its toll

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Are You Listening?


Insects thrum to a wild African beat

Shimmering mirage and suffocating heat

Billowing clouds tumble across an angry sky

Forked lightening cleaves the heavy air….as thunder rolls on by

A moon full of beauty….spilling beams of aureate light

A gateway for  destruction….adding to the rhino’s plight

rhino silhouette scaled down

Are you listening? Do you hear the Rhino’s cry

Or are you a silent witness? I hold my breath….I sigh

rhino silhouette scaled down

A menacing heat swirling…..an evil shadowy haze

Whirlwinds of destruction….a testament to man’s evil ways

A myriad of rhino footprints left over 40 000 000 years

My heart beats wildly….pumping with fear

The cry of the rhino…..who out there cares?

Callously mutilated and left for dead

These magnificent animals with their horn cursed heads

rhino silhouette scaled down

Not on our watch…….I beg…I plead and I pray


Stand tall for rhinos today

rhino silhouette scaled down

Chengeta Wildlife is spearheaded by Rory Young who dedicates his

life to saving the wildlife by providing essential training and support

to the heroes on the front lines in the fight against poaching.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

A Horizon Full Of Elephants…Some Thirty Miles Long

The tusks of

7 600 elephants will be burnt in Kenya on 30.04.16.  This poem is dedicated to

those elephants callously slaughtered.

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Out of the twilight they march to a African beat

Free swinging trunks and large padded feet

Cobwebs float like gossamer lace

African sunrise….a fiery promise in this magical place

Full of mystery they amble….romancing the sun

A horizon full of elephants….some thirty miles long

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

A dusting of Africa freckling their majestic heads

A powerful belonging in each well worn tread

Kilimanjaro rises….peaking above the celestial clouds

Caressed by the heavens….it stands colossal and proud

The African bush shrouded in russet clothes

The mighty continent grumbling beneath their toes

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Creamy tusks glow….a life spark lit from within

A resounding boom……a deathly din

Invisible winds blow…..a dry warm breath

Elephants swaying to the ‘Dance of Death’


The flame of life extinguished by the human hand


Elephants lie bleeding into the warm African sand

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

30th April, 2016….black smoke billows high

Thousands of blood stained tusks…..an elephant pyre

Choking flames engulf….blocking out the sky

Decades of destruction…..


Magnificent tusks…never ours to keep

A final salute to these giants…..as the angels weep

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

A haunting lullaby carries on the early morning breeze

Twilight lingers….restless in the trees

Gilt edge clouds drift above the rising sun

A horizon full of ghosts marching……some thirty miles long

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art



Drenched In Moonlight….

The African bush in sunsets golden hue…..a magical place full of different species of

animals, bird life and insects.

Elephants help maintain forest and savanna ecosystems for other species, and are integrally tied to rich biodiversity.


Beyond the edge of the sunsets golden hue

Dusty evening hangs motionless….nightfall soon due

Crickets thrum to an African beat

An endless sky of stars twinkle….as night time they greet


Africa’s bush drenched in ethereal moon light

The hoarse cough of a leopard…..a night jar takes flight

Rich heady scents linger….beguiled by the silvery moon

A throaty roar of a lion….a deep reverberating boom

The mighty baobab….ghostly in its stance

Mystical and Ancient….holds the power to enhance

The liquid murmur of a river….a tumultuous flow

Moon beams float gently…casting an eerie glow


As moonlight slumbers….a thousand watchful eyes

A gilt edged dawn as darkness dies

Blades of grass adorned with tears of morning dew

Clear and iridescent….the sun light peeks through

Birds stretching their wings…soaring the invisible breeze

Nature’s melodies in the leaves rustling through the trees

ellie clip art

Faithful Askaris flank his creased and weathered old sides

Youthful and strong….majestic in their strides

Thick powerful trunks swaying…back and forth with ease

Flaunting their strength….large ears fanning the breeze

Creamy scythe like tusks bejewel their proud and noble heads

Pondering the rhythm of life with each silent tread

Drawn into deep shadows…softened by a golden gauzy haze

Wrapped in cloaks of solace….they embrace the mellow day

Caressing bones and sharing sorrow where elephants have once bled

Their existence hanging in the balance….A fragile life thread

Man….a well groomed predator setting a destructive pace

Devouring nature’s riches from this magical place


Chengeta thumbnail

We strengthen those who protect wildlife and promote harmony between

man and nature through a philosophy of respect….

‘Africa’….A Young Elephant Taken Too Soon

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

I know that I am sitting too far away from home and by distance alone I am removed from the ugly realities of poaching taking place on the ground.  However my heart breaks each and every time I hear of another poaching  incident and  this is my way of trying to raise awareness of the plight of African Elephants to make up for my absence on the ground.

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Soul of ‘Africa’…an elephant taken too soon

His mother’s life cruelly stolen…….wheeling vultures circling way up high

A foul and oppressive presence….under the lonely electric sky

A wretched place of solitude….his small elephant heart pounding….stretching tight

Terror his only companion…feeding off his horrific plight

Brooding trees….silent witnesses….heavy in their despair

Russet dust hangs motionless….breathless panic fills the air

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Gentle hands reassuring….holding his broken elephant heart

An aura of calm and peace… desperate to replace the fear tearing him apart

The quiet of the evening sunset slips gently into a sultry night

A myriad of twinkling stars…beacons of hope shining bright

Small wrinkled trunk unfurling….courage in his stance

With each precious footprint…fighting for his second chance

Moyo and Matabele….elephant hearts opened wide

Embracing little ‘Africa’…compassion on their side

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

A gentle and fading heartbeat…surrounded by warmth and love

Touched by the hush of death and taken from above

The golden thread of life fragile…’Africa’ now flying on the back of the wind

Another victim of the evils of poaching….a deadly sin

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Roxy and all her team at Wild Is Life 

My loving thoughts are with you all… my heart pounds with Zimbabwean pride

As you bestow a second chance of life… to these precious animals by your side

You are

A gentle whispering wind and the peace of harmony it sings

One of the earth’s finest custodians for the life and hope you bring.

Thank you.


Unwavering support for the animals battling thirst and hunger in the current drought in Southern


Elephant Graveyard

Deep throated roar of a lion….his anger fills the night

Africa’s half moon sharing a sliver of ethereal light

Stars hanging like twinkling sentinels…..keepers of the sky

The high pitched cackle of the hyenas….a chilling war cry

Midnight’s mantle cloaked in a suffocating hot breath

The vast emptyness of the drought…a reaper of death

ellie clip art

Dawn explodes like flames of this harsh and timeless land

A myriad of footprints marking the sun burnt sand

Drowsiness lingers….thick dust hangs…..heavy in the air

Blinding sun beating down….an agonizing glare

Hardened dry earth…..parched muddy streams

Shimmering mirages and silent screams

ellie clip art

Full of weighty concerns…they amble into the deep morning heat

Coats of wrinkles hanging….an air of hungry defeat

Fear deep inside her great pulsating heart

The dry barren wasteland soon to tear her family apart

Ancient memories stir deep within her mind

Her spirit growing restless….for water to find

Lifting her powerful trunk….in silent prayer

Fatigued…out of breath….life threatening despair

A painful barefoot shuffle over the tormented African land

Cracked dry earth and blazing hot sand


Parched and brittle leaves stolen …tossed way up high

Chasing imaginary clouds across the limitless blue sky

Animals…. listless…their heads hanging low

Stumbling through the scorching breath of drought….painful and slow

Prowling scavengers….a menacing gleam in the eye

Africa’s undertakers circling way up high

Afternoon shadows deepen…..sticky and stark

Silence shredding cicadas….a zebra’s warning bark


Beyond the edge of the sunset’s golden hue

Plumb coloured clouds hustle….long overdue

A flash of lightening burning across the darkening sky

A deep growl of thunder…..an angry and passionate cry

Trees bow down as whipping winds rage

Sweet smell of life giving rain ….On Nature’s grand stage

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

We have an acceptance of death when Mother Nature deals out the pain.


An unacceptable act of  violence, corruption and greed

For  ill gotten gains

Moonbeams Spill Gently…..

let us do right by these animals with watermark

Draped in coats of grey wrinkles….silent ambling treads

Creamy scythe like tusks… bejewelling proud and noble heads

Ancient souls….warmth surrounding their hearts

Matriarch and daughters bound together….until death do they part

Mystical ivory steeped in greed and fears

A fusion of genes…passed down over thousands of years

Powerful free swinging trunks….large ears fanning the breeze

Magical auras surround them and music in the trees

Fighting for the species is long overdue

Tuskers as majestic as mountains….we are left with but a few

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Guardians of the bush…hearts beating to a powerful thrum

A growl of thunder in them stirs and there is a battle to be won

Sharing their knowledge with rangers….and educating the East

War on the scourge of poaching and destruction….

Sadly Africa’s beast

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

I pray for an Africa where….

Moonbeams spill gently….a soothing silvery light

Peace spreading gentle wings….blessings in the night

A whispering wind and the prayer it sings

Soft echoes in the dark and the hope it brings

Midnight’s mantle hung with a myriad of stars

The endless heavens shining down…on the wildlife… from afar

A fiery sunrise bathing the morning in aureate light

Warm lingering scents melting away…the cool of the night

An eagle celebrates…cleaving the air way up high

Overflowing shadows of content under the electric blue sky

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Many battles for freedom…still to be fought

Saving Africa’s wildlife from this tragic onslaught

Wisdom Of Nature

My passion for the the African bush and all those magnificent animals that leave their

footprints on the sand….raising awareness on the plight of

our wildlife and promoting Chengeta Wildlife.

wild heart photo

A seductive wind ushers in the late afternoon

Brushstrokes of twilight beckon…as crickets gently croon

The heart beat of Africa….warmth oozing beneath your feet

Gusty winds fling a handful of stars….an explosive twinkling treat

This is Africa….in all her naked glory

A land of mixed culture, turbulence, superstitions and stories

Sweet smelling buffalo dung steamed warm in the the early morning sun

Call of the wild…beating to a rhythmic African drum

A land of growling thunder and stinging needle like rain

The pungent smell of a lion…shoulders and head adorned with a wild tawny mane

Where blue headed lizards bask in sunshine and leafy plants unfurl

The liquid murmur of the a river as it flirts and twirls


A land where spider’s webs are spun with sun glazed thread

Elephants..in threat of extinction as in silence they tread


‘Hope’ the rhino with her brutally disfigured face

Her heart still pounding with courage, dignity and grace

The humble pangolin with their tough armoured shell

Boxed and shipped to Vietnam and China to keep people well

Such beauty and harshness in this our sun burnt land

Cruelty and compassion…..both dealt by the human hand

The wings of the fish eagle caress the mellow breeze


Hope must never die as it rustles through the trees

footprints resized

Bereft of wildlife…the world will be a poorer, darker and lonelier place

A soulless time warp….overcrowded images of the human face

Where desert sands spread as hot steamy winds blow

A chest crushing heat and a lifeless flow


Align yourself with the wisdom of nature….do what is right

Become a voice for the voiceless…join the fight

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Chengeta Wildlife

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

During our training operations one group of rangers arrested 81 poachers in 12 days.

Raising awareness through art and poetry

My Kid’s Collection and Poems

Paintings and Poems to help kids learn about these animals

Prints are £5.00 each plus postage. Every print goes out with a poem that is

 connected to the animal and all profits will go to

Chengeta Wildlife  for

Training Rangers And Saving Animals

ellie painting final

Trumpet Loud And Become My Voice

What a world full of wonder, beauty and space

A world full of miracles …. all deserving of a place

You will know who I am with my powerful trunk held high

I am a keystone species under the electric sky

I am a mega gardener…opening up tracts of land

I weave my enormous footprints on the sand

Look into my eyes and you will see

A desperate need for acceptance…and a need to be free

Children of the universe…become my voice

Ivory belongs to elephants and we all have a choice

giraffe painting fina

Stand Tall For Me

Lolloping along…I have the most magnificent view

Browsing from the tree tops is something I love to do

I am pretty awesome and I feel so alive

I am sadly not part of ‘Africa’s Big Five’

My neck is long and I stand ever so tall

When giving birth…my calf has a long way to fall

I am part of the magic of this African Land

So Please little people

Help to stop this destruction from the human hand

pangoline painting final

Stay Humble Little People

I am handsome and humble and I yearn to be free

With my large curved front claws…I can actually climb a tree

Even wearing my coat of armour…I can still roll into a tight ball

I walk on my hind legs…but even then…I am not that tall

I am the most threatened species to walk on this magical land

I am destroyed for my scales…by the human hand

My scales are made of keratin….the same as your nails

I am definitely not medicine…despite all those ancient tales

My name is ‘Pangolin’ ….and I deserve a better life

Please…please…little humans…stop this strife

rhino painting final

Stand By Me

With my muscular body and my handsome and noble head

I love to strut and leave my treads

You will know who I am from my magical horns

I am a ‘Rhinoceros’ ……not a mythical unicorn

Please little humans…I deserve some space

I don’t want to vanish without a trace

My horns belong only to me

They do not belong over the seas

Say no to rhino horn…and just leave me be

I belong in the bush…and I yearn to be free

lion painting final

Roar For Me

I am the King of the bush with my wild tawny mane

I spend most of my evenings stalking game

Surrounded by my harem of girls with their gleaming yellow eyes

We often hunt with an element of surprise

I have earned my right to roam and be free

My bones are my own…they belong to me

I am not a trophy ….to sit on anyone’s wall

My heart beats to an ancient drum and I am majestic and tall

I am the ‘Lion’….a …King…so just let me be

Please little people….no Canned Hunting for me.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Chengeta Wildlife trains rangers and saves animals