Two tonnes of magnificence…..with her cruelly disfigured head

Yet…Hope was

Harmony in motion with each mighty tread

Her fight for life tireless…..her warrior spirit strong

Her wild rhino heart beating to a rhythmic African song

hope with bandagae

Out of the deep shadows and into the moonlight

Hope lies down gently….no longer able to fight

Her heart beat slowing….no longer a powerful thrum

Leaves flutter sadly….her journey on this earth done

On a gilt edged cloud she drifts….catching the sultry breeze

The silence of eternity her companion…..her soul floating away with ease

Leaning into the warm wind…..now a bright heavenly star

A beacon of hope for her kind…..shining down from afar

hope with bandagae

The gentle hush of evening carries our heartache and pain

Never let go of ‘hope’….the wind whispers her name

Fireflies will ghost….. like murmurs of the night

Fueling our courage to stand up for rhinos…and to fight the good fight

hope with bandagae

RIP Hope

‘May her great courage bring hope into our hearts….

Now and forever’

Wisdom Of Nature

My passion for the the African bush and all those magnificent animals that leave their

footprints on the sand….raising awareness on the plight of

our wildlife and promoting Chengeta Wildlife.

wild heart photo

A seductive wind ushers in the late afternoon

Brushstrokes of twilight beckon…as crickets gently croon

The heart beat of Africa….warmth oozing beneath your feet

Gusty winds fling a handful of stars….an explosive twinkling treat

This is Africa….in all her naked glory

A land of mixed culture, turbulence, superstitions and stories

Sweet smelling buffalo dung steamed warm in the the early morning sun

Call of the wild…beating to a rhythmic African drum

A land of growling thunder and stinging needle like rain

The pungent smell of a lion…shoulders and head adorned with a wild tawny mane

Where blue headed lizards bask in sunshine and leafy plants unfurl

The liquid murmur of the a river as it flirts and twirls


A land where spider’s webs are spun with sun glazed thread

Elephants..in threat of extinction as in silence they tread


‘Hope’ the rhino with her brutally disfigured face

Her heart still pounding with courage, dignity and grace

The humble pangolin with their tough armoured shell

Boxed and shipped to Vietnam and China to keep people well

Such beauty and harshness in this our sun burnt land

Cruelty and compassion…..both dealt by the human hand

The wings of the fish eagle caress the mellow breeze


Hope must never die as it rustles through the trees

footprints resized

Bereft of wildlife…the world will be a poorer, darker and lonelier place

A soulless time warp….overcrowded images of the human face

Where desert sands spread as hot steamy winds blow

A chest crushing heat and a lifeless flow


Align yourself with the wisdom of nature….do what is right

Become a voice for the voiceless…join the fight

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Chengeta Wildlife

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

During our training operations one group of rangers arrested 81 poachers in 12 days.