The African bush with all it’s russet trimmings and natural treasures sneaks in and steals your heart. It leaves you drifting in tranquil moments and golden sunsets.  Deep wells of memories and desires weave a bridge between the future and the past. When you leave the bush behind, you yearn for those vast blue skies and horizons that drift into heaven. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to meet with these magnificent giants in the African bush and have been privileged enough to catch a glimpse of the elephants unwavering honesty, compassion and intelligence will never forget that moment, or them. Elephants, for me are the essence of Africa and a great subject for debate.

What is it about elephants that makes humans want to own a piece of them? I’ve left my home country with a heart full of precious memories and many photographs. Others leave with an arm tinkling with carved ivory bracelets or other trinkets taken from these ‘enigmatic animals.’ Is it that they want to hold onto a deep feeling of belonging or are they just trying to capture a piece of the magic that surrounds the elephant.  I don’t know why. We all know what poachers and traffickers make out of these filthy deals, but what makes the demand so unquenchable? What is it that makes these elongated cone like shapes of dentine so highly sought after?


Ivory, when it is dead has an uneasy splendour about it. Nothing can come close to the beauty of ivory on an elephant. It has a warmth and lustre that pulses with life and personality. Ivory belongs to elephants and has no use to man. For whatever different reasons humans want to own a piece of ivory for: we all know that it comes at a great cost to the unfortunate elephant herds who supply the demand. Hundreds and thousands of these sentient creatures are slaughtered and mutilated to feed the demand. Elephants and other wildlife are irreplaceable riches and have no where to run and nowhere to hide. (My poem)


We all need to turn east and face the dawn before our beloved African bush is denuded of it’s walking riches. The African bush could be facing a future minus the very essence that adds to it’s magic. Stand tall and act with compliance. Say no to ivory. Help to save our elephants.

3 thoughts on “WHY DO PEOPLE BUY IVORY?

  1. Jen your words have the ability to transport me in my mind straight back to the splendour of the African Bush and the magic moments we have shared in the presence of these amazing animals……

  2. I do not know why….to me it is sickening…I feel sad and angry. A very powerful article…very thought provoking! Say no to ivory is the only way forward!!!!!

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