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What attracts humans to elephants? Their enormous size? For me personally, I am sucked into the magic that surrounds them. When in the presence of an elephant, the air appears to be purer and you can feel a pulse throbbing beneath your feet. A vibration of vitality engulfs my very being and I turn into an awestruck and lovesick fan of theirs. There is a peacefulness and goodness so overwhelming, that when they turn and amble off, they steal another chunk of my pounding heart. These sentient beings are creatures of the bush: they capture the very essence of nature.


I feel sad and angry at what humans are doing to these animals and I always nod vigorously when asked if I think that elephants are aware of what is happening to their species. Now, I am certainly no expert on elephants and do not pretend to be. However I am passionate about them and deep within my core, I know that they are aware of the continual attack that is threatening their very existence. Sadly, they have no where to run and are being crushed under the heels of supposed civilization. Now is the time to listen: and the time to act.


When left alone elephants are the picture of serenity. They are as old as time and have allowed humans a breathtaking glimpse into their world and sharing with us their compassion and intelligence. As the days fade like passing shadows, more and more elephants are being poached in such alarming numbers that the frightening word ‘EXTINCTION’ rears it’s ugly head. Their rhythm of  life is rudely and savagely broken and their tusks are torn from their faces to be carved and fashioned into trinkets for us humans.

These animals when left alone, are long lived and large-brained. Researcher Joyce Poole has spent many years in the field trying to crack the ‘elephant code.’ Through her research, she has found that elephants use more than 70 kinds of vocal sounds and 160 different tactile and visual signals, gestures and expressions while communicating in their day to day lives. What we as humans can’t hear, has always been there, and we are now more aware of the elephants rather sophisticated way of connecting with each other. AND, they are the only beings in the world who do not need a telephone to make a ‘TRUNK CALL’. To read and learn more about these different vocal and non vocal communications, immerse yourself into their world for a few minutes.

Some of the latest research is now showing that elephants have a separate alarm call to warn the herd about the presence of ‘US’. Humans, sadly are their only enemy and poachers have proved to be a ruthless adversary.

Let us please, not continue to drift through the days like trees without roots. Let us hear their calls, listen to their cries and take heed. We, as humans have the ability to stop this violence against our elephants, rhinos and other wildlife.  Let us take heed of  ‘the elephant calls.’ (My poem.. Hear our calls)

6 thoughts on “CALL OF THE ELEPHANTS

  1. Yes Jen such a tragedy that these beautiful animals are doomed through mans fickle traits. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be part of this destructive human race. Hopefully, the powers that have the clout will realise what is going to be lost unless something drastic is done.

    I love reading your blog. I have always been in total awe of these wonderful, wise, compassionate animals – who surpass us in so many ways.


  2. Wow…we as a human race are so arrogant and ignorant! Your writing is beautiful and look forward each week to reading your blog and poem…I admire your commitment and the wonderful way you manage to get me to feel like I am there as one of the herd. I just know that you are making a difference by educating people and helping to make people aware of how intelligent and majestic these and our other beautiful wildlife are … we need to start respecting our fellow neighbours on this earth now before it is too late. Thankyou. X

  3. This piece wad so beautifully written. I love elephants so much. To me they are magical and when I am in their presence I feel so blessed.

  4. Again Jen beautifully written and your passion for these beautiful creatures is amazing!! Keep up the good work in protecting these majestic animals !!

  5. Beautifully written Jen. Agree with all the above comments. Thank you

  6. Oh Jenny. You have me in tears. Why can’t human beings realise how they killing off all the beautiful animals around. Breaks my heart!

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