Pachyderms: Natures perfect creations

Pachyderms, to me are one of  ‘Natures’  perfect creations. These immense and soulful creatures have captured my heart, and I am hoping you will allow them to creep in and capture yours too.

They are the largest land animals on the planet, wearing their (up to 45 pound) hearts on their sleeve. Their wrinkled expressions: fold upon fold of wisdom, compassion and love. It does not matter which subspecies I am talking about, their behavior patterns are similar.  Scientists have found after years of research that elephants are capable of complex thought and deep feelings. An elephants emotional attachment towards their family members could rival our own. They have no problem in lifting their trunks and smelling the rain just because they can for the sheer joy of doing so. These large ambling sentient beings ooze with  personality and a beauty from within.

One of the biggest events in the elephant family, of course is the birth of a new calf.  Please click on the link and read the short poem.  From my poem, you get a sense of the excitement surrounding this occasion, and the bonding and lovebetween the cows. (Some fantastic photos to have a look at re: cows forming a protective wall around a cow giving birth.)

The calf will be raised within this warm and caring environment, learning life skills from all the females in the Matriarchal herd. Young aunties or elder siblings will take on baby sitting duties and this all important for their development, preparing them for the responsibilities of ‘Motherhood.’

The Matriarch will be replaced by one of her daughters (normally the eldest) when she dies. The intense loyalties and deep love and caring are fundamental to the survival of the herd. Young bulls will leave the herd between the ages of 12 and 15 years. They will either join up with a bachelor herd or lead a solitary existence.

Elephant family units will split, normally due to a shortage of food in the area. These families remain united, and will meet up at watering holes and favourite feeding spots. Meeting up with members from the other unit is also cause for celebration. They begin to call out to each other from a quarter of a mile away. Getting closer, they pick up the pace with temporal glands streaming. Once they have spotted each other, they start to run: a large mass of bubbling exuberance and noisy splendor. Making contact through a swirl of dust, these mighty creatures embrace: ears flapping, tusks clicking, leaning into and rubbing each other: all the while urinating and defecating. Spinning in circles, they encompass the world with their joy and a cacophony of trumpeting screams  and rumbles shred the air. Happiness and joyful is their reunion.


These magnificent giants can protect their families and themselves against scavengers and most predators.

Their biggest fight for survival is against man, his guns, his greed and the corruption.

Every time you purchase ivory, an elephant has been killed.  Elephant families are left bereft. Orphans, are left without the guidance they need from their elders.

We all hold the power in our hands: NO TO IVORY.. Let us ensure the survival of these sentient creatures.


2 thoughts on “Pachyderms: Natures perfect creations

  1. Since we emigrated in 1981 to South Africa, the African elephant has been at the forefront of my affection for wildlife, they like humans (well,most humans!) have this family loyalty that most of us could learn so much more ! Thank you for sharing this page… we can only hope and pray that soon VERY soon that the barbaric killing of the amazing creatures for their ivory tusks will be banned EVERYWHERE!!!
    <3 Jan

    • Jan, thank you for logging onto my blog. As you say, these are sentient creatures and I am so hoping that the barbaric killing stops: sooner rather than later. Please do log in again as I will be adding new pages.

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