The Gift Of Life

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‘The Gift Of Life’

Rugged bush softened by an aureate glow

Secrets beguiled by golden ripples murmuring as they flow

Radiant star lit heavens veiled in a silvery light

Gossamer clouds like a whisper….eerie in their flight

Trees robed in leafy splendour…reaching for the moon

The Sun burnt land pulsates gently as flirting insects croon

Yipping jackals with yellow darting eyes

Cackling hyenas and the night jar’s mournful cry

Whining mosquitoes….ferocious in their blood lust

Flighty wildebeest kicking up the golden dust

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The night air trembles as tawny lions vent with a deep throated roar

Stately giraffe loping…..elegant and tall

Strutting warthogs….tails quivering up high

Liquid brown eyes of the kudu… endearing and shy

Chittering vervet monkeys ……barking and aggressive baboons

Sultry breath of Africa embracing these warm tunes

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Gilt-edged sunrise blown in on a warm seductive breeze

Bewitching in its beauty as it splashes through the trees

Pods of hippo hug the shallows….salutations fill the morning air

Bulrushes bowed down…swaying….as if in silent prayer

Cocky, snorting rhino…..majestic in their stance

Elephants…the soul of Africa….hold the power to enhance

Africa’s undertakers sailing way up high

A ¬†trail of blood red…fragmented reflections across the azure sky

A symphony of life beating to a rhythmic African drum

Sweet smelling buffalo dung steaming in the morning sun

Angry charcoal clouds smolder…. igniting the dark sky

Unleashing stinging needle like rain with a thunderous cry

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All nature’s miracles……she has shared these gifts with us for free

Powerful flowing rivers, magnificent wildlife and life giving trees

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White horses caressing the powerful breakers…..salty in their embrace

The ocean’s endless movement veiled in turquoise lace

Rich marine life caught in nets and waves of plastic

The incoming waters churning..filthy and drastic

Human greed and corruption….a bloody trail…this poaching war

Rampant destruction of habitat and wildlife….we cannot ignore

These irreplaceable riches….we all have a stake

The destiny of our world…

Humans have the power to preserve or to break

On this sun burnt continent….for peace we must pray

Our duty as custodians…to ensure a brand new day

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Chengeta Wildlife provides essential training and support to the heroes

on the front lines in the fight against poaching

4 thoughts on “The Gift Of Life

  1. Am left feeling empty….and yet because of people like you we keep up the fight. We are all custodians of our world and we each of us have the power to do something. …thankyou for your indpirational committment. I am very proud of you xxx

  2. This is so poignant Jenny. Memorable and moving. Thank you.

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