Remembering Cecil…The Magnificent Lion

A poem dedicated to Cecil…an icon of Hwange

Cecil the lion in Hwange, Zimbabwe. © Bryan Orford/YouTube –

Cecil the lion

The drum roll of Africa…a mighty heartbeat within his chest

Zimbabwe’s icon….Zimbabwe’s best

As shadows crawl….drowsy with the midday heat

Matabele ants marching to a random beat

Cecil’s vibrant rich scent wafts on the cool breeze

Sunshine slips softly through the canopy of trees

Poetry in motion….this magnificent beast

Tawny pelt rippling…..a visual treat

The brisk air trembles with his deep- throated call

Cecil’s powerful stance….so proud and so tall

Flowing black mane like a halo around his head

His harem of sleek females keep him well fed

Padding softly through the crisp winter grass

Under a wide open sky as clear as glass

His silent footfalls marking the golden sand

Passionate and dignified…. King of this timeless land

pug prints

Dark shadows of greed hound him

Destructive and tragic

Cecil, a heart beat no longer ….to weave his magic

The peace of death carries his soul

His broken body….no longer whole

A deathly quiet lingers….in a world going insane

On nature’s grand stage….such immeasurable pain

In an explosion of gold…the sun bids him goodnight

Rest In Peace Cecil…we will continue to fight.

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Chengeta Wildlife is a force for good, offering a comprehensive solution to help combat the evils of poaching.

I support Chengeta Wildlife unreservedly.. you can too.

9 thoughts on “Remembering Cecil…The Magnificent Lion

  1. A wonderful poem dedicated to a majestic and beautiful PROTECTED lion murdered by a loathsome, narcissistic moron in the name ‘sport and trophy hunting’. There is such balance in nature until man interfered. Let Cecil not have died in vain. All these bloodthirsty cretin’s need to be exposed and their trade in the precious blood of animals be vilified. This posting comes from a 3rd generation white African ….

  2. Beautiful poem Jen, had me shedding tears. Let’s hope this brings the plight of Africa’s wildlife to the world
    before it is too late….

  3. Heart broken . Reading all these poems written by amazing people who’re care for those who cannot fend for themself . This world needs more people like this

  4. lovely poem and so true, these hunters must be shot for this it is not right and the world has gone insane.

  5. This was so incredible and, poignant, and well written -I posted it on Forever Trunks, and I commented on it there – thanks for writing this incredible poem that went straight to the heart of the lion and issue.

  6. You are amazing – I feel so sad about our wildlife … The fight must go on – thankyou!!!!!

  7. What an amazing tribute to Hwange’s icon – Cecil !!! He will be missed xxx

  8. This precious soul will be missed forever and this tragedy affects his family one cub already lost.. This family that could have gone on to grow cut short. A life destroyed as so many are , our lions, rhinos, , elephants, leopands and all wildlife lost to extinction for the bloodlust and greed of man. We kill them, we kill ourselves, deservedly so

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