Foreign Horizon

Last week’s poem was dedicated to the three  elephant calves from Zimbabwe that escaped from making

the heartbreaking journey to China.

This week’s poem is dedicated to the 24 precious Zimbabwean elephant calves that have been forced to live out their lives

thousands of miles from where they belong.

Photo by Chunmei Hu

elephant calves in China

Boxed and crated…elephant calves sway and yearn

A terrifying journey….never to return

Down cast eyes…lonely heart beats

Cold metal bars…their jungle of concrete

Iridescent tears…like falling rain

A hollow echo……of captivity and pain

Elephant calves with their soft weary treads

Their coats full of creases and their noble heads

Yearning for family and the freedom to roam

Dusty dreams of Africa and Hwange……their home



Birds sing from the leaf laden canopy of trees

Flaxen dust sprinkled like spun gold on the leaves

African sun spreads it’s warm coppery glow

A myriad of stars stare in wonder….nature’s night show


The wild sweet decay of buffalo dung carries on the breeze


Silence shredding cicadas flirt and tease


Wispy clouds chase shooting stars


The African full moon beams from afar



Golden sunrises and sunsets like perfect bookends for each day


Torn away


With heavy hearts…their young trunks reaching up high

Seeking the horizon where earth drifts into sky

Elephant calves that should be surrounded by family and nature’s wild African splendour

Incarcerated for Life……

A tragic surrender.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

During our training operations one group of rangers arrested 81 poachers in 12 days.

9 thoughts on “Foreign Horizon

  1. Ahhhh you have done it again…. am just soo soo sad 🙁 and ANGRY! how dare they!!?? You are brilliant xxx

  2. Thank you Jen…..once again you put into words what so many of us feel in our hearts!! God bless and watch over these poor little “ellies”, so sad, so cruel!!!!!!!

  3. I believe an educational campaign to encourage people to stop buying tickets to see any caged wild creatures may help more than anything else.

    “Empty The Profiteers Pockets”

  4. So hard to express my anger and sadness for those babies, torn away from their mothers. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. Reflects the way many of us feel.

  5. And so our African Bush Giants so Proud and Majestic are restless nomads, Imprisoned and confined for life after a heart-breaking defeat. My heart is broken and I am distressed when I think what the Human race is doing to our world and all that live in it.

  6. So sorry for these poor animals. Continue prayers and signing petitions and spreading awareness. Bless All ANIMALS!

  7. Heartbreaking. So inhumane and wrong. Where is the justice . Certainly one of the cruelest things I have heard of in 60 years of my life on this planet.

  8. Yes, once again these poor baby elephants are suffering at the hands of these cruel humans in China, please save them…

  9. Beautiful poem!! TY for having the heart & courage to write & post it!!! Expresses the way many of us feel!!!

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