New Horizons

This is dedicated to the three elephant calves …. that escaped from being sent to China as they were classified as ‘damaged goods.’

Thank you to Wild Is Life, Grand Zimbabwe for giving them a fighting chance.

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Three young hearts pounding…beating as one

Sun washed bush pulsating like an African drum

Young wrinkled coats heavy….burdened with unease

Africa shaped ears fanning the breeze

Dusty horizon drifts into the electric sky

Young elephant calves…their trunks held high

Afternoon melodies drifting….soft and tender

Trees boastful….in their winter splendour

Hope surrounds them…a symphony of their survival

Wild is Life, Grand Zimbabwe….their saviours….await their


Under a limitless sky…as high as it is wide

Escaping a life of servitude…their physical imperfections

on their side


As winter sunshine slips slowly through the canopy of trees

Roxy Danckwerts huge heart bursts….hearing their pleas

Vibrant scents, rich earth and mellow afternoon sun

True essence of giving….their heartbeats with Roxys..soon to become one


Shadows drift and darkness fades

A breath taking dawn…veined with gold braid

Three lost souls….a traumatised elephant herd

Peace, soon to surround them….with a soft spoken word

Midges rise and hang motionless…birdsong carries on the breeze

‘Pickles’ and ‘Moyo’…embraced by the warmth…stretch with ease

‘Moyo’ feels the calves sorrow, their whispers and their sighs

Their storms of emotions…no time for their goodbyes


Elephant calves at peace…as in silence they tread

Weaving their magic….a golden life thread

Embracing their life…moving towards the sun

A soul dance, summer scents…their healing has begun


19 thoughts on “New Horizons

  1. This is beautiful. and a fitting tribute to the lives saved. A reminder that all life matters.

  2. Jen this is beautifully written. Your poems are incredibly powerful.

  3. So beautiful yet so tragic for the “perfect” calves shipped to horror known and unknown in barbaric China for the duration of their days Man is evil,greedy and arrogant yet some also are angels thank goodness .

  4. Beautiful Jen! let us hope and pray that these three dear little “ellies” enjoy the freedom that is theirs by right……and God bless those wonderfully brave souls who made this possible.

  5. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem Jenny. So wonderful to know how much care they will recurve and how happy they will be! Such beautiful little souls. How anyone could think that taking them from their families is acceptable is beyond comprehension!

  6. I could not have said it better… beautiful and thanks you so much for this lovely tribute, not only to the three little “rejects” but to the kidnapped 24, ripped from their homeland to face a miserable life in a zoo.

  7. Beautiful words Jen for these Ellies and for those that made it possible for them to be saved xxx

  8. We are all so saddened by the tragedy that is happening in Africa. I thank God for the people who care and put their lives on a line..bless you all and my small prayer get said every night xx

  9. Oh my word…..I am sooo proud of you! Such a moving, beautiful poem!!!! I am in tears – I love it! Xxxxxxxx

  10. This is beautiful, nice words to come out of what has been an injustice and terrible tragedy. I only hope these three babies get some respite in their so far short lives.

    I cannot begin to know the hell that the rest of them are going through. A major crime has been committed by those in power in Zimbabwe. Just hope for some Karma for them.

  11. Took my breath away…
    The imperfections these three little Ellie’s were born with have literally saved their lives. Jen you penned this so beautifully.
    Thank you!

  12. Another awesome poem Jen, fantastic to see these three have escaped a life in Chinese jail!!!!

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