Obscene Celebrations…Elephant Steaks

Victoria Falls….one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  A powerful 1.7 kms wide curtain of Zambezi water thundering over the 100m drop…a roar that can be heard from 40 kms away. A plume of spray and gossamer mist reaches high into the azure heaven…a spectacular watery mirage of tear drop silver. While elephant lovers around the globe celebrate China’s one year ban on ivory imports, these same eyes will be focused on this paradise where ‘celebrations’ of a different kind will be taking place. Mugabe, although a shadow of his former self  will be gnawing his way through an elephant steak as he presides over his 91kg cake in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Guests will feed their over stuffed bellies while Zimbabwe’s poor drift in the stream of poverty, disease and unemployment. The guests…in a trance of full bellies, beer, golden sunsets and sultry breezes do no waste a thought on the poverty of their fellow Zimbabweans or on a boma full of captured elephant calves in Hwange.

Zimbabwe’s ruling party…a cauldron of toxic crime and corruption watch on with unfathomable eyes and itchy fingers.


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Elephants, an ancient law of life, each unique in their own way are being crushed under the heels of supposed civilization while lavish festivities costing $1 000 000 are being spent on the President’s 91st birthday party. While guests party… out in the magical bush..in the golden silence of early evening, the shimmering leaves appear to be holding their breath. Africa’s giants ghost into view, puffing up small whirls of flaxen dust that appear to hang motionless. Their matriarch, her large and noble head bejewelled with creamy tusks is held high, her trunk crisscrossed with deep fissures swings back and forth like a pendulum. Robed in deep wrinkles and worry…there is a sadness in her eye. She is aware of their predicament. Mortality hounds her and the herd. She is watchful, swishing the air with the end of her bristly tail and breathing in the fresh scent of evening.  Despite her heavy bulk of 10 000 lbs (10 tonnes), she has the lightness and grace of a dancer. She is an ambassador for her kind, ‘Loxodonta africana.’

watermarked....elephants caught in the web of human deceit

Zimbabwe is my home country even though I watch from afar. With Mugabe’s birthday rhetoric…my heart bashes against my rib cage. What will become of the wildlife that walk in the untamed splendour of the Zimbabwean bush?

However, I do not look the other way. I will continue to fight for the elephants, rhinos and other precious wildlife. I will continue to saturate the air with hope as Rory Young continues to give of his time, knowledge and skills to Anti-Poaching Units through out Africa. We need your help. Please continue to share our posts and donate if you can.

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‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.’

Mahatama Gandhi

Chengeta Wildlife.

We need your support

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6 thoughts on “Obscene Celebrations…Elephant Steaks

  1. A wonderful piece of writing, Jenny, which pretty much describes how I feel. When we have got through a current financial low in a couple of months, I will donate to Chengeta. It’s hard not to totally despair but we can’t give up.

  2. Brilliantly written…totally obscene…the situation that he himself has created. Very sad – the fight will go on – it has to!

  3. Makes you feel sick to the core how they sit and celebrate spending millions of dollars when the country is in poverty and the dinner menu sickened me even more!!! Jen keep up the good work , you are an amazing ambassador for Chengeta Wild Life.

  4. These celebrations were obscene, but it was good to hear the elephants got a reprieve as there was not enough fridge space……..
    A well written article and Zimbabwe government is most definitely a ” cauldron of toxic crime and corruption”

  5. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the
    post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I
    found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back

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